Seth Smith is an award-winning comic artist based on the east coast.

[Drawing of me by Shadia Amin]

His passion for comics comes from his background in communications and a formal artistic education in illustration and a degree in comics from SCAD Atlanta. 
He loves to work on projects that feature transgender queer black men like himself, romantic plots, and fun narratives.

Most recent recognitions

First place cartoon porfolio of work 2019 – Columbia University’s Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Award

Best Anthology 2018 – Prism award for LGBT comics. Dates Anthology Edited by Zora Gilbert. Written by Saf Davidson.

Ignatz Best Anthology 2018 – SPX Washington DC. Comics for Choice – edited by Hazel Newlevant, Whit Taylor and Ø.K. Fox

Ignatz Best Anthology Nominee 2017 – POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology – edited by Joamette Gil (P&M Press)

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Rated T: fantasy violence, language, smoking, drinking, mature themes


Welcome to Hell… city!

When Mike’s brother, Sean, gets sucked into a portal to Hell by an evil demon king Mike must brave the underworld to bring him back, or die trying!


Writing and Art by Seth Smith
Edited by Akira Brown

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