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3 hot tips 🔥 for working with comic artists

3 hot tips 🔥 for working with comic artists

Jan 14, 20231 min read

This article was orginally published on Ko-fi on Nov 4 2021. So! You have a comic idea, and you’re ready…

Tina from bob's burgers standing behind a sign that says uhhhhh

How to Start a Webcomic and Not Die

Seth S.May 23, 20231 min read

Webcomics are an awesome method to practice skills and build an audience, or launch your magnum opus for your eventual domination of the comic industry! Muahahaha!  Let’s go. Self-Hosting or Third Party?  … How to Start a Webcomic and Not…

To strip the flesh comic cover

“To Strip the Flesh” Cuts to the Bone

Seth S.Jan 14, 20231 min read

To Strip the Flesh is an anthology by author Oto Toda collecting several of her short works together. It includes several stories of varying lengths about love and being yourself and features a wonderful headlining story about a transgender character…

Boys run the riot comic cover

Boys Run The Riot Runs The Manga Section

Seth S.Jan 14, 20231 min read

Boys Run the Riot is an LGBT manga series with a transmasculine lead written and drawn by Keito Gaku (and team). This introductory volume to the series is a poignant and hilarious romp through gender discrimination, high school, punk philosophy,…

Kicks from Scholastic Graphix

Kicks from Scholastic Graphix

Seth S.Jan 14, 20231 min read

Kicks is a contemporary quest story with themes of family, friendship, and queer romance that features a pair of Black siblings and their best friend, who must travel and battle their way through the five boroughs of NYC to recover…

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